PalmIR 250

Now there's a new night-vision technology that will help mariners avoid a sea of hazards and dangers...originally designed for the military, it is now available for commercial use at a fraction of the cost of the original military version.

The difference is easy to see. PalmIR 250 gives you unparalleled ease-of-use at a price thats up to 70% less than portable units from other manufacturers!

Quality Image Resolution
Quiet Operation
Twice the Battery Life

Performance Parameters
Detector Type/Format: Uncooled ferroelectric (320x240)
Spectral Response: 7 to 14 microns
Thermal Stabilization: Thermoelectric cooler
Video Update Rate: 30 Hz - real time
Time to Operation [Typical]: < 25 seconds @25C
Standard Lens: 75mm; f/1.0
Field of View: 12 x 9
Focus Range: 8 feet minimum to infinity
Range to Detect a Person: 2400 ft

VCR Compatible Video Output: EIA RS-170 NTSC [RCA jack]
External Control: RS-232 serial communications port
Power Source: Rechargeable camcorder battery (6VDC)
Power Consumption [Typical]: < 3.5 watts
Power conservation: "Standby" mode
Operating Time per Charge: > 4 hours with supplied battery

Dimensions: 9.5"L x 4"W x 4"H
Weight Without Battery: 2.6 pounds
Ergonomic Design: One hand operation
Mounting Provisions: Tripod mount

Operating Temperature: -20 to 49C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 80C
Water resistance: Splashproof [IEC pub.529 IPX4]

Standard Equipment
Camera w/lens cover
Operator Manual
Rechargeable Camcorder Battery (DR11 NiMH)
AC/DC Battery Charger
Lens Cleaning Kit
Durable Carrying Case

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7th September, 2006