We provide a complete software service for all your measurement requirements. Instead of buying expensive off the shelf items which are usually difficult to configure, we will write the software to drive your instruments for your specific application requirements. These could include CV, IV, RF, probes, motorised stages etc. The software is menu driven with plotting capability and can control any number of instruments.

Here is an example
Capacitance-Voltage measurements of metal-oxide-semiconductor structures. Instruments include the HP4275A LCR, HP4140B pA and Keithley 238 SMU. The HP4275 and HP4140 are used together to perform a high frequency and low frequency measurement of the device to extract the interface state density. The Keithley 238 is used for routine IV measurement of the device. The software written allows control of the instruments through a standard PC which sets the instrument parameters, takes a measurement and plots the data in graphical form. Data can be saved for further analysis.


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7th September, 2006